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Astolfo is a specialized tool for mass creating TTS audio-files from a .xlsx-file that has been created for use by Avina Education. The code is based on the Talkinator project with various alterations to fit the needs of this app.

Please keep in mind that this app only accepts .xlsx-files with data on certain spots, as it looks for that when importing data. This due to the app being specialized for use by Avina Education.


Get the app

Windows 10

Get the app from the Microsoft Store here:

Source code

You can download the source code from GitHub:


v0.2.5.x (3-4-2019):

  • NEW: Added a progresscounter above the progressbar to make keeping an eye on the export easier.
  • IMPROVED: Various UI improvements to make the experience easier to understand.
  • IMPROVED: The filename of the exported soundfile no longer has a space in between if the VoiceName included one.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that caused the last line of the imported .xlsx-file to be omitted.

v0.2.1.x (30-3-2019):

  • Initial store release
  • IMPROVED: Improved exception handeling when cancelling File Dialogs
  • BUGFIX: Various small bugfixes

v0.1.0.x (28-3-2019):

  • Initial release