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A Fluent-style Notepad-application because Microsoft doesn’t make it.

The design of the app has been inspired by the work of Michael West, go give that man your cheers over on his website 😉 –


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Windows 10

Get the app from the Microsoft Store here: http://

Get the source code

You can download the source code from GitHub:


v1.7.5.0 (17-02-2019):

  • NEW: The app will now display if there have been changes made to the document since opening it in the titlebar.
  • NEW/EXPERIMENTAL: Added Font options; please note that settings set in this will be reverted when closing the app window.
  • IMPROVED: When opening the app you can now start typing right away!
  • IMPROVED: Changed the look of the About-dialog to a new style.
  • IMPROVED: Many more UI and user experience improvements to make the app even more pleasant to use. 🙂
  • BUGFIX: The titlebar buttons will now change to the appropriate theme
  • BUGFIX: Fixed the shadow of the titlebar when opening the app.

v1.6.7.0 (28-12-2018):

  • NEW: You can now open multiple instances of the app!
  • IMPROVED: Improved the Fluent Layout with shadows.
  • IMPROVED: Various other bugfixes and small improvements.

v1.5.3.0 (11-11-2018):

  • NEW: Added accelerator keys (Ctrl + N for New File, Ctrl + O for Open File and Ctrl + S for Saving the file. This is for peeps on Windows 10 version 1809 and newer).
  • IMPROVED: Added high-contrast logos and fixed the hidden logo when using the app in Light mode.
    IMPORTANT: From now on Notepad will require you to be on the Fall Creators Update (16299) or newer.

v1.4.4.0 (15-10-2018):

  • Initial public release