Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATED: 19-11-2018

Nowadays everyone has a privacy policy on their site or a long, boring end-user agreement in their apps. We dislike those long, boring articles, so we’ve tried to write the privacy policy short and sweet.

In general:

None of our apps collect any personal information apart from the information the user provides to the app. Think of the info you enter in a snip, or the personal info of a contact you’ve added to a list in order to make the app to work. (For example; a list with contact names would be a bit empty without any names being allowed to be used by the app).

The apps do not share any information with third parties, with two exceptions;

  1. The roaming data-service from Microsoft that roams user information across devices on which the user is logged in with their Microsoft account. (This to enable the magic of having your data on all your devices)
  2. Any apps the user copies or share data to from our apps; only the info needed for the share/copy operation will be shared to the other app in order to do it’s work.

The only other data that is being collected is anonymized and provided by Microsoft’s Dev Center in order for us to track usage, crashes and other small data to improve our apps for the user. To clarify; this does NOT contain any (personal) information that the user has saved in the apps or any specific info about the user that could be used to identify them.

When you use our apps, you agree to the privacy policy.

Whew, that still was quite a mouthful, but we tried to be as clear as possible. If you still are concerned about your privacy, please send us an email at . We will be happy to give answer to the questions you have.