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Taking a quick note can be easier, so why not make a Snip? Snips allow you to take a quick note of something and expand these note later.

Make a Snip in the app or share something you want to remember to and from the app. Store lists, or use it to keep that website-URL you don’t want to forget.

Pin the app to your Start Menu to see your latest notes without even opening the app!

No matter how you use it, Snips is made to make your life easier.


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Windows 10

Get the app from the Microsoft Store here: http://


v1.7.2.0 (11-05-2017):
– IMPROVED: We’ve improved the migration of data after the app has been updated.
– BUGFIX: We’ve fixed bug that prevented the app from opening up when using the Share-button in another app.

v1.7.0.0 (06-05-2017):
– IMPROVED: We’ve reworked the code behind to make Snips more reliable and faster.
– IMPROVED: We also updated a bit of the UI to look more Neon-ny 🙂

v1.5.9.0 (09-03-2017):
– NEW: Added Italian translation by the awesome Sergio Grassi! 😀
– BUGFIX: Fixed bug that prevented to show the translated strings for the ‘Reset the app’-button.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting from this version onwards you require at least the Anniversary Update in order to run the latest version!

v1.5.6.0 (15-08-2016):
– NEW: Added Belarusian translation with the help of the super awesome Deerslayer! (Thank you so much! :D)
– IMPROVED: Some minor code improvements, nothing too shabby… yet. 🙂

v1.5.5.0 (17-07-2016):
– IMPROVED: Improved the German translation with the help of two translators.
– IMPROVED: UI-updated to keep the background dark when typing if you use the Dark-theme.
– BUGFIX: Fixed the bug that prevented scrolling in certain Setting-pages.

v1.5.4.0 (10-07-2016):
– NEW: Added German-translation with the help of a really cool translator! 🙂
– NEW: Added Serbian (Latin)-translation with the help of an really badass translator. 🙂
– IMPROVED: Some small tweaks to the UI to make it more comfort the standard of other Windows 10-apps.

v1.5.3.0 (21-06-2016)
– BUGFIX: Corrected an mistake that prevented localizations from showing up.

v1.5.2.0 (17-06-2016):
– NEW: Added Polish translation with the help of an awesome translator! 🙂

v1.5.1.0 (30-05-2016):
– NEW: Russian and Spanish translations have been added thanks to two kind translators! (Thank you guys!)
– NEW: Added new ways to keep in touch with us! Follow us on Twitter or on our blog!
– IMPROVED: Gave the interface some changes to be more colourful and even more personal than before!
– IMPROVED: Pressing ENTER in the title of a Snip will now take you to the content of the Snip.
– CHANGED: The offline changelog has been removed from the app and an link to the online has been placed in the About-page.
– BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t scroll through a new Snip in the Share-window.
– BUGFIX: Fixed the pesky bug that required you to use the Refresh-button after you’ve added a Snip via share while the app was still open. The Snip will now automatically be displayed and the Refresh-button has been removed due it being obsolete now.

v1.5.0.0 (03-05-2016):
– NEW: Snips will now roam between devices! They’ll sync when you lock your device.
– NEW: A new settings-page has been added to set your preferred theme (Dark, Light or System default).
– NEW: Added Spell Checker in the app to make your spelling life just a bit easier.
– NEW: Optimize and reset-options to clean the app if trouble arises.
– NEW: A new secret for you to find. 😉
– IMPROVED: Some layout updates to make the style a bit more consistent.
– IMPROVED: Various code and reliability-improvements.
– CHANGED: About-page has been renamed ‘Settings’.
– BUGFIX: Fixed the bug where the first Snip woudn’t be displayed on Mobile/small-mode.
– BUGFIX: Fixed the troublesome swipe-actions on mobile for navigating through Snips. This should work fluid now.
– BUGFIX: The Statusbar on phone now has a solid background instead of a transparant one.
– (Donators only) NEW: Sort your Snips on most recent, title or content.
– (Donators only) IMPROVED: Optimized search code to search as you type.

v1.4.1.0 (18-04-2016):
– NEW: Added support for vanilla Windows 10 (Version 1507, build 10240).
– NEW: Added support for Microsoft Hololens.
– BUGFIX: Fixed an instance where a function appeared where it shoudn’t be.

v1.4.0.0 (13-04-2016):
– NEW: Support us-page to help us and to unlock exclusive features!
– NEW: Navigate through different Snips by swiping left and right on your Phone. (For the daredevils under us, this also works on pc with the arrow keys when you’ve the app in the small-mode. 😉 )
– NEW: There is a little secret hidden in this new update. Can you find it? 😉
– IMPROVED: Live-Tiles will now make use of the open space when your Snip doesn’t have a title.
– IMPROVED: Various code improvements.
– IMPROVED: Improved Dutch localization.
– BUGFIX: The Feedback Hub-button will now only appear when you can actually access the Feedback Hub.
– BUGFIX: The Changelog is now properly scrollable.
– (Donators only) NEW: Search function to search through your Snips.

v1.3.2.0 (06-04-2016):
– NEW: Feedback section in About. We would love to hear what you think of the app! 🙂
– NEW: Added new animations for the transitions between pages.
– FIXED: Fixed some disappearing text when using High Contrast-settings in Windows. High Contrast users should now be able to see everything.

v1.3.1.0 (24-03-2016):
– NEW: Added new copy options. You can now choose between just content only or copy the title with the rest of your Snip!
– NEW: Added copy options in the contextmenu on the main page.
– CHANGED: A shared Snip will now use it’s original title (if it has one).

v1.3.0.0 (22-03-2016):
– NEW: The Live-Tile will now also show the title of your Snips.
– NEW: A new About-page has been added. In here you can find your current version and other info.
– NEW: The changelog had been added for the current version in About > What’s new.
– CHANGED: You can now edit Snips right away! Just select the thing you want to edit and start typing after you’ve opened your Snip!
– CHANGED: Updated the design to keep it more consistent between the different pages.
– CHANGED: Moved the Remove-option to the commandbar, so it can easily be found.
– CHANGED: Several code improvements to make the app more reliable.
– REMOVED: You no langer have to switch between read/edit-mode to change your Snip. To reflect that, the buttons have been removed.
– BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the app would crash after you edited a Snip.
– BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the app would crash when switching between screenmodes.
– BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the Wide Live-Tile would not display the content of a Snip when there was too much content in it.

– You can now share links and text with Snips! Just open your favorite app and use the Share-button there to make a Snip of it!
– New Snips will no longer use the text from the Snip as the title. Instead, it’ll show: “No title” until you give them a cooler title. 😉
– Layout updates
– The Snip-list will now show more context of your saved Snips
– The Snip-list will now show a nice message for the user when they have no Snips
– Font changes to make titles and context more clear
– New Share button in the context-menu in the Snip-list
– Code and reliability improvements

– Initial release