Development – Picking your battles

Sometimes things work. Sometimes things simply don’t. Either through technical shortcomings or problems, or sometimes just due to missing motivation. Time is not infinite and that’s why it is important to know when to keep on fighting for something and when to let go of it and to take all of what has been learned from it to your next projects. This is what I’m going to do for both Snips and Revent.

Both of these apps have a place in my heart as being one of my earlier apps from back in the day when Windows 10 Mobile was still a thing. I’ve built and learned many, many things with both these apps (and Talkinator, of course). But where Talkinator has crossed the bridge to the land of Fluent Design, Snips and Revent haven’t. At least, not publicly. Because in fact, I have been working on a reboot of both apps in the shadows.

One of the sketches I made for the new template dialogs

Every now and then I used to post a screenshot of one of the apps to give a heads up of what was coming (and to hopefully inspire other devs to show what you can do with UWP). Unfortunately, with both apps I’ve hit roadblocks. This is a normal process with creating and building applications, but with these apps it didn’t happen just once, but it became the red thread for the larger part of the development.

There are definitely really awesome improvements in there design wise, but most of the times (full!) backend code rewrites were leading, and it’s only fun to rewrite the same app maybe twice, but not more than that. I was learning to build UWP apps, and later build them in a MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) fashion. It was difficult, but it built the bridge for the base Notepad, Astolfo and the Talkinator rewrite have been built upon.

But with each iteration and new project I started, the less motivation I had to go back to those two old new projects. While Snips was still in it’s fairly early stage, Revent is actually pretty close to a working product. The main functions are working, and it’s almost ready to go. Except, a few really nasty problems are keeping it back to be on-par with the old app. And I don’t feel it’s fair to ‘upgrade’ those old users with an inferior version with some existing functions stripped out for no good reason. This is why I haven’t released it yet, and also the reason why I won’t release it anytime soon in the store.

You need to pick the battles in life, and I do not believe that Snips and Revent are the battles I still want to keep on fighting for. I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved while working on these, but it’s time to move on. That’s why I’ve decided to release to source code of the reworked versions of the apps on GitHub under the MIT license. Fork it, try it out for yourself, use bits of code from it; as long as you can learn from it and have fun with it. 😊

Will I ever return to those projects? I don’t know, only the future can tell. One thing I am certain of, is that I’m leaving this chapter of my coding life behind to relieve myself of the burden that came for holding on for so long to it. So I can look at the sky again, dream and work on the things I hold dear again, just like I did back then. 😊

Cheers, and happy coding!

Repository for Snips.

Repository for Revent.