Talkinator is a simple Text-to-Speech-app that was made in a lost afternoon. While simplistic by design, the app can still be quite useful for those who want to have some lines of text spoken to them by a computer.

Uses can be (but we’re not recommending these):
– Read a fairytale to your kids while you are drinking a cup of coffee with your (ex-)wife
– Make prank calls to friends with a mysterious different voice
– Replace the lead singer of your band
– Give yourself an ego boost by letting the Talkinator give you compliments
– And so many more uses!


Get the app

Windows 10

Get the app from the Microsoft Store here:

Download the source code

You can download the source code from GitHub:


v2.1.4.0 (15-01-2019):
– IMPROVED: Updated the look of the app.
– IMPROVED: Updated the look of the About-dialog.
– BUGFIX: Fixed various small UI bugs.

v2.0.0.0 (06-11-2018):
– NEW: Added new, acrylic backgrounds to make everything just a bit nicer.
– NEW: Added a new Settings-option where you can set the app’s theme.
– IMPROVED: Completely reworked the backend. Most of the original code has been rewritten to ensure that the app runs fast and stable again.

v1.3.17.0 (04-03-2017):
– NEW: There now is a link to the source on GitHub available in the About-flyout.
– IMPROVED: Sending feedback now automatically includes the version number of the app in the Subject-bar.
– IMPROVED: Improvements to the Accessibility.
– IMPROVED: Updated the look of the pressed buttons in the Control-bar.
– IMPROVED: Updated the animations to make the experience better.
– BUGFIX: Text in the command-bar and Patreon-bar are now displayed correctly when the app uses the Light-theme.

v1.3.12.0 (10-02-2017):
– NEW: Added some new random quotes.
– IMPROVED: Made some improvements to the UI for devices set to a high-contrast theme.
– IMPROVED: Fixed a problem where the default voice wasn’t checked correctly.
– IMPROVED: Fixed a problem where the app would crash when playing text with a voice that wasn’t installed.
– IMPROVED: Several other small UI-improvements and refactoring.

v1.3.5.0 (29-12-2016):
– NEW: Talkinator is now open-source! Check the source code here:
– NEW: Added a banner to our Patreon-page.
– NEW: Go directly to the systems Speech-settings (to install new voices) by tapping the icon next to the list of installed voices.
– IMPROVED: New layout to make the app even easier to use! (and to make it a tad sexier ;P)
– IMPROVED: Improved navigation with the Xbox-controller.
– IMPROVED: Various cleanups in the code to make the app run better.
– REMOVED: Removed advertisements completely for everyone. Thank you so much for all your support! 🙂

v1.2.14.0 (15-11-2016):
– NEW: Added the ability to loop the playback of the entered text.

v1.2.12.0 (25-10-2016):
– NEW: Added the ability to pause the speech of the Talkinator.
– IMPROVED: Small layout improvements.

v1.2.10.0 (07-10-2016):
– BUGFIX: Fixed the bug that would cause the screen not to align well on phones.

v1.2.8.0 (02-10-2016):
– NEW: Talkinator is now available on Xbox One!
– IMPROVED: We’ve improved the controls for the controller.
– IMPROVED: We’ve updated the UI for messages.
– IMPROVED: Various code improvements to make the experience better.

v1.2.5.0 (11-09-2016):
– IMPROVED: Added some subtle animations to make the experience a bit more smooth. 🙂
– IMPROVED: Made some preparations for the upcoming Xbox One-release.
– BUGFIX: Fixed some stuff with the advertisements.

v1.2.3.0 (03-09-2016):
– IMPROVED: The Talkinator will now continue to talk in the background.
– IMPROVED: When you hit the play-button, it’ll now show a loading ring when you try to play a huge text.

IMPORTANT: From now on Talkinator will require you to be on the Anniversary Update or newer to get updates for the app. If you can’t update the Talkinator, please update your Windows 10-version first, so you can enjoy all the new stuff! 🙂

v1.2.2.0 (31-07-2016):
– NEW: You can switch between the installed voices on your device.
– NEW: You can now remove ads from the app by supporting us! 🙂
– IMPROVED: Made some improvements to the UI to work properly when holding the phone horizontally.
– IMPROVED: The app will now display an toast notification when exporting has been successful.
– IMPROVED: Various other improvements to the code behind

v1.2.1.0 (21-07-2016):
– NEW: You can export your text as a sound-file (.wav on Mobile and .wav, .mp3 and .wma on Desktop)
– NEW: Added a small easter egg
– IMPROVED: Made the textbox smaller
– IMPROVED: Text in the textbox will now automatically wrap inside the textbox.

v1.2.0.0 (17-07-2016):
– NEW: You can now add multiple lines of text for the Talkinator to say.
– NEW: Added a Stop-button to make the Talkinator stop talking.
– IMPROVED: Changed the location of the playback-buttons to make it easier to reach on Phones.
– IMPROVED: Changed the location of the Clear-button so it’s easier to reach.

v1.1.0.0 (10-07-2016)
– Initial release